Casa Gentile

Casa Gentile


Silk-screened canvas cardboard box


It Contains:

n ° 12 packs of 500g of assorted sizes of Pasta di Gragnano PGI

n ° 1 1 kg leavened product from the Forno Gentile line

n ° 1 bottle of Limoncello PGI Sorrento

n ° 1 GARDEN GARDEN with 9 assorted pieces of the Conserve Gentile line: n ° 1 bottle of 250ml of extra virgin olive oil variety "Ravece"; n ° 1 can of 1kg of Percoche in Syrup; n ° 2 180g jars of assorted jams; n ° 1 500g jar of red tomatoes; n ° 1 500g jar of yellow cherry tomatoes; n ° 1 tin of 320g of Assorted Ready Sauce; n ° 1 280g jar of Assorted Schito Violet Artichokes in extra virgin olive oil; n ° 1 180g jar of assorted Paté.



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