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The "Cirillo Method" is a drying process conceived by the homonymous engineer from Torre Annunziata. It is based on the possibility of recreating the same phenomenon of natural drying inside the pasta factories, which exploited the heat of the sun and the force of the wind.

gragnano pastificio gentile piazza.jpg

In Gragnano there is still what was once known as the "macaroni road", it is the current Via Roma where the pasta was spread out in the sun and we waited patiently for the days to pass until the drying process was complete.

metodo cirillo - Gentile.jpg

Observing this process, Cirillo designed cells inside which braziers (now replaced by large heaters) heated the air and powerful fans distributed the heat emission.


Today this method allows you to dry the pasta slowly, in three or four days, and it is essential to obtain the consistency that fans of artisanal pasta love so much.

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