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After many years spent researching the best raw materials to be used for Pasta and Preserves Gentile, we decided to dedicate a line of products to the most precious things, our children. Thus was born " Pappa & Pomodoro ": small pasta shapes obtained with organic Senatore Cappelli wheat, bronze drawn and dried following the directives of the Cirillo Method.

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A format that fascinates children, intent on focusing attention on the double opening,

which in their eyes is perfect for keeping mysterious treasures, the result of a daring fantasy. Easy to eat with a spoon, the striped pipes lend themselves to being seasoned with sauces or creams

they collect in their cavities.

A classic of the Italian tradition, the

Pennette Rigate are present in almost

all the pantries of each family. The children

they recognize them as a pasta shape

most representative, a real one

and its own icon of gastronomy


Letterine are a pasta format a

to which we are particularly attached,

recall childhood and memories of the years

carefree each of us. I'm a

great classic of formats dedicated to most

little ones.

Wheels are one of the most pasta shapes

loved by children, they make every dish

cheerful and can be easily

enjoy grabbing your fork with skill.

There is a pasta format

that manages to bring adults and children together: the

Fusillo. The story tells

who were born in

Southern Italy and that have it slowly

conquered the whole boot. Today I am between

the formats most appreciated in the



We like to imagine that in the dish served to a child there is the excellence of our daily work and with mother Maria we have developed simple and tasty recipes, thus obtaining the sauces and jams of the " Pappa & Pomodoro " line, prepared with very few all organic and high quality ingredients.

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