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The choice of an excellent raw material for the creation of an excellent product is at the basis of the work that the Pastificio Gentile daily carries out.

The research activity that has been pushing the Zampino family for years to undertake short trips to Southern Italy, to get to know, try and use the most precious varieties of durum wheat, has made the choice converge on those that guarantee the production of a pasta. tenacious and unmistakable flavor.

It was during one of these trips that for the first time, years ago, an important partnership was consolidated with the company " Selezione Casillo ", suppliers of semolina, which is used for all pasta shapes. Currently the wheat comes from Puglia , land devoted to cereal cultivation, fully traceable and milled on site.

Zampino e Casillo.jpg

The sharing of a common vision has allowed Pastificio Gentile to create new projects in which the role played by the raw material is fundamental: an organic pasta, obtained from rigorously Italian certified organic semolina of first quality, a re-milled semolina also obtained from Italian organic wheat and the "Italian wheat" line, made from wheat from the Campania region, transformed by the Selezione Casillo company into a Neapolitan mill and certified to comply with the highest quality standards that have always characterized the one selected for traditional and wholemeal formats.

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