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There is an important date that tells of a memorable moment for the Pastificio Gentile: it is October 22nd 2016, the day when the blue ribbon was cut that opened the doors of the new headquarters. "1650" is not only a year engraved on a stone, but an ancient building located in the Valle dei Mulino in Gragnano, which today has become the beating heart of the company.


Once inside these walls the wheat was milled, in an area where there are 28 other disused mills; all drew water from the Vernotico stream, born from the springs of the Forma on the Neapolitan side of the Lattari Mountains.

It is precisely in this area, of considerable environmental and historical value, that the Zampino family has decided to invest in an accurate restoration and refunctionalization work, seeking a perfect balance between urban coherence, environmental protection and economic development linked to the pasta factory. .

Customers who go to the shop today can, by telephone appointment, visit "Il 1650" to immerse themselves in the Campania tradition, following a path that allows you to observe how pasta is produced, listening to advice on techniques and secrets to prepare it according to art, acquiring them directly from those who produce it with care and dedication every day, selecting the best Italian semolina and making pasta with pure spring water.


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