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Scrigno Sorrento

Scrigno Sorrento


Cardboard box with personalized design made exclusively by the painter Rosalinda Acampora for kind pasta factory. It Contains:

n ° 1 500g pack of SpaghettOne Gentile PGI


Ingredients: durum WHEAT semolina, water.

Keep in a cold and dry place

n ° 1 tin of 520g of Peeled Tomatoes in Natural Reserve

Ingredients: Whole Gragnano cherry tomatoes, cherry tomato juice.

Store in a cool and dry place, after opening keep in the fridge.

The product does not contain preservatives and dyes.

n. 1 250 ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil "Ravece" variety

"Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means" Oil extracted in Italy from olives grown in Italy. 100% Italian product

n ° 2 plates decorated by hand by Antiche Manifatture Vietresi based on a design by Rosalinda Acampora


Variety of preserved and ceramic products subject to availability.

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