The experience we want to offer you originates in the place now known worldwide as the "City of Pasta": we are in Gragnano, precisely in the Valle dei Mulini, a fascinating, unique and rare place, a true paradise of biodiversity. Here, from the simple but ingenious milling activity of the mills in the valley, the production of semolina for the first pasta factories of Gragnano was born around the 17th century, today an excellence with the IGP brand.


The package which, not surprisingly, takes the name of "La Valle del Gusto", includes a journey to discover the history of pasta processing and the evolution of its techniques over the years. Each production site will be closely observed and savored through a sensorial path that starts from the sense of smell, passes through the touch and ends with the taste, the fruit of the passion and dedication of the Zampino Family, the owners who have been working for over 30 years to keep the name of Gragnano pasta high in the world.

All of this will take place within an evocative structure: a historic mill dating back to 1650, now the company's headquarters. Lunch will be served within the welcoming walls of our kitchen, in an environment of perfect conviviality where you can immediately feel at home. The menu for two is composed of:

- Mixed appetizer with products of our production accompanied by other Campania excellence;

- Two first variables based on the seasonality of the garden products;

- Homemade dessert;

- Italian sparkling wine and local sparkling wine;

- Local liqueurs to accompany desserts.


The tour will end with a cadeaux of pasta and farm products, designed to thank and honor the couple for their visit.


NB The tour can be in both Italian and English.

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